HealthmateForever TENS UnitHaving never used a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS Unit) before, I was a bit hesitant to try it out. After a long run, my hamstrings became overwhelmingly tight. On this run, I decided to push a little longer and faster than I normally would. Immediately after, I began experiencing muscle soreness in my legs, and I was in a lot of pain. With every step, my leg muscles became tighter and tighter. This had happened many times before, and I decided it was time to find a permanent solution for pain relief. When I got home, I began researching the idea of using a natural pain therapy versus over-the-counter pain medications. Interestingly enough, TENS Units kept appearing in my results. The thought of an electrical muscle stimulator sending electrical pulses throughout my body seemed a bit extreme and unnecessary for my chronic muscular aches. However, after doing some more research on TENS Units and what they could do to help with pain relief, I found that a company called HealthmateForever produced the best reviewed TENS massage Unit. They also provided extensive knowledge about thousands of years of Traditional Chinese Medicine on their site to support the science that goes into every TENS Unit they make. I went ahead and purchased an NK6GL Model TENS Unit, and after the first use I was able to tell an immediate difference in the muscular pain throughout my legs. My muscles felt more relaxed, and I no longer had trouble completing the simple task of just walking. I completely forgot about the pain I was in just a day prior. The Healthmate Forever TENS Unit is a drug free pain therapy system that really helps relax the muscle to take the pain away. I then went on another jog, knowing confidently that I had found my golden ticket to muscle recovery and living pain free.A Natural Pain Therapy System Allows for No Compromises tens nerve stimulator As an exercise physiologist with a bachelor’s degree in exercise and movement science, fitness is extremely important to me. Weightlifting, rock climbing, running, and practicing yoga are huge hobbies of mine and though I try to sufficiently rest, I am a believer of pushing my body past its limits to obtain strength and skill to excel at my hobbies. Unfortunately, my determination also comes with muscle soreness and overuse injuries. In the past, these discomforts have inhibited me from continuing my hobbies for weeks at a time. When I had an injury I would focus on stretching and resting the problem area with the help of harmful pain medications. For a majority of the time, it would take days until I was fully healed. Any hobbies that included movement were off-limits for a while. Using the Healthmate Forever TENS therapy Unit, I was able to shorten the recovery time and fully relax each target muscle as I please, while never sacrificing my natural way of living and active lifestyle. On the days I run or do other strenuous work, I place the Healthmate Forever EMS TENS Unit on the back of my thigh with the leg massaging setting with instant relief. Not only were my leg muscles fully relaxed, but the massage mode helped alleviate my muscle tightness. The pain of walking and going upstairs disappeared and after a second use of the TENS Unit, I was able to run longer and faster than the previous run. I am so happy that Healthmate Forever TENS therapy Unit’s works so well, and truly allows me to live pain free, and practice my hobbies without the fear of hurting myself.

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